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Get Involved With PTC

We've got a place for you!

The DeLaveaga Elementary Parent Teacher Club (PTC) is a non-profit, volunteer organization run by DeLaveaga parents. The PTC supports DeLaveaga Elementary School through coordination and sponsoring of fundraising activities to benefit our children and assist our teachers. We also sponsor school events and provide numerous hospitality functions to thank our hardworking teachers and staff.

Meetings are typically held the third Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm following the ELAC meetings. This year we'll continue our hybrid Zoom and in-person meetings. You can always check the Events page for meeting dates and the Zoom link. We will always give you a heads-up in our newsletters as well. Through our meetings, parents find out how they can get involved in supporting DeLaveaga through PTC events and activities. 

How Would You Like to Pitch-in?

There are so many ways to get involved! No matter how much or little time you have, or what your interests are, we have a place for you!


One-Time Volunteer Spots

Sometimes our schedules just can’t accommodate a recurring volunteer position. And that’s ok! There are still many ways to be involved and a part of all that the PTC accomplishes each year.



    -Help set up the Teacher Appreciation meals

    -Sell Wristbands one day for Carnival

    -Help assemble Pledge Drive Letters 

    -Count laps at the walk-a-thon


Be An "On-Call" Volunteer

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Throughout the year there will be fundraisers and events we’ll need to find help for at the last minute. If this sounds like something you would be happy to get a call about, with no pressure if it doesn’t work, then let us know! It’s always helpful to have a group of people happy to get a last-minute call and jump in if it works.



    -A volunteer or their kids get sick and we need someone to fill in

    -We need someone to pop popcorn on a Friday because a volunteer couldn’t make it

    -Oops, we forgot to hang a banner for a fundraiser and we need an extra pair of hands


Join A Committee

Each of our major fundraisers needs a lead, but that lead also needs support to pull off the fullness of that fundraiser. These are short-term, usually a couple of months of planning and execution. You’ll get to know some other parents at the school, and see the inner-workings of a specific fundraiser.



    -Help the Carnival Raffle Committee acquire donations

    -Help the Pledge-Drive track donations

    -Help organize Teacher Appreciation Events

    -Be a regular Friday Popcorn popper or merch salesperson

    -Help put together the yearbook


Lead A Committee

Our fundraisers are the lifeblood of PTC. These important events make it possible for us to fund all we do for the school. Let us know if you’re interested in leading one, we’d love to get you plugged in!


    -Pledge Drive (August-September)

    -Drive For Schools (September-October)

    -Walk-a-Thon (March)

    -Popcorn Fridays 

    -Carnival (May)--there are many carnival leads to fill, or shadow our current Carnival Lead with the hopes of taking the reins in later years!

Be a part of enriching our kids education!

Here are some ways you can donate:


In Person

1145 Morrissey Blvd

Santa Cruz, CA


Make a tax deductible donation‏.


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