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PTC Board

Our PTC Board consists of five parent volunteers. The Board oversees all of the fundraising and the implimentation of programs funded by PTC. We conduct monthly meetings that are open to all the parents, teachers, administrators, and even the public.

Our Board

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Juliana Reyes

IMG_1025 copy.JPG

Amy Bosch

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Jenna Branecki

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Lindsay Brown

Amy Large.jpeg

Amy Thompson


Katie Hansen

PTC Funds

How are our funds allocated?

If you have any questions about the details of these allocations, please feel free to contact us! We also invite you to attend out PTC Meetings each month where we talk about these areas.

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Here are the main contacts for our Fundraiser Leads:


Amy Bosch, PTC President, Contact

Jenna Branecki, PTC Vice President, Contact

Juliana Reyes, PTC Vice President, Contact

Amy Thompson, PTC Secretary, Contact Amy

Katie Hansen, PTC Treasurer, Contact Katie

Lindsay Brown, PTC Communications Director, Contact Lindsay


Fundraiser Leads:

Pledge Drive: Jessy Beckett Parr at

Goodwill Truck: Amy Thompson, Contact Amy

Drive For Schools: Linda Ritten, Contact Linda

Walk-a-Thon: Laina Jacobs, Contact Laina

Carnival Chair: Melody Hendren, Contact Melody

Popcorn Fridays: Jenna Branecki, Contact Jenna

Merchandise Sales: Bridget Olp, Contact Bridget

Dine-To-Donate: Jacque Kerkhove, Contact Jackie

Assembly Coordinator: Melody Hendren, Contact Melody

Yearbook: Rob & Allison Land, Contact Rob & Allison

Lost & Found Sales Coordinator: Caren Dix, Contact Caren

ELAC: Soledad Carvajal, Contact Soledad

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